Our Team

Argel Mendoza, Software Engineer

Argel joined Agile Utilities in August 2014 as a web developer. He began his software engineering career as a freelance designer of static websites shortly after he finished high school. He has developed and administered both bespoke and CMS-based websites for non-profit organisations and small businesses. His inclination of web programming languages led him to take computing and IT diploma courses while doing part-time jobs in Whangarei, New Zealand. He moved to North Shore, Auckland to take Bachelor of Information Sciences at Massey University. He majored in a conjoint degree between Computer Science and Information Technology. PHP, C#, ASP.NET, and JavaScript are some of the languages that fall inside his specialisation.

Argel is a Philippine native but deems New Zealand as an ideal place to start a rewarding career and to build a family. He enjoys snow sports, tennis, canvas painting, blogging, music production, and playing the guitar.

Photo of Isaac White

Isaac White, Software Engineer

Isaac studied game development at Media Design School, emerging with a Diploma of Interactive Gaming and an understanding of C++. After teaching himself the basics of C#, he managed to land his first job in software development. Two years of work has solidified his understanding of C# and provided him with a working relationship with SQL, ASP.NET, IIS, and other useful technologies. He’s now delving into ASP.NET MVC, and cloud-based solutions with Microsoft Azure.

Isaac is a regional coordinator for the Pathfinder Society Organised Play Campaign, enjoys writing – when he gets a chance to – and trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Manfred Lange, Managing Director

Manfred has over 10 years of management experience with continuous improvement processes and agile methodologies. Prior to founding Agile Utilities he served as CTO, Development Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, Consultant and similar roles across many industries in Germany and New Zealand. He holds a Batchelor of Science degree with honors in Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Esslingen, Germany.

Manfred speaks German, English, some French and Spanish, and is currently learning Mandarin. In his spare time he enjoys sailing and can often be found at the local sailing club.