As a small business you need a cloud-based solution but you want to focus on customer development.

With Agile Utilities you can do exactly that. And we take care of your software system.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coach working with a professional

Teams and individuals who are keen to continuously improve how they work can greatly benefit from engaging an experienced coach.

Our expertise helps you to ensure your software solutions meet customer requirements by:

  • Creating future-proof product roadmaps
  • Designing scalable cloud-based software solutions
  • Selecting appropriate and robust tools and technologies
  • Providing valuable advise for other technical decisions
  • Reliably operating your cloud-based applications

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Resources And Tools

Team working together

Your business is unique. Technology for your cloud-based applications should be selected and adapted to your requirements.

However, from our experience working with businesses of different sizes and in various industries, we have learned that there are resources and tools that work very similar in most cases.

We use this set of resources and tools as the foundation of our work, too. Here we share this information with you to give an overview of what is available and to get you started.

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